Friday, November 12, 2010

New drawing, stage one...

So I started a new drawing this morning -- these current drawings are 42" wide by 72" tall. Here is a picture:
 Stage one of these drawings is usually pretty intuitive: I look for patterns and shapes to emerge from "gestural" marks (for me, marks that are made which try to describe something non-visual) -- this one is a bit of an exception -- I am beginning with a flattened version of a composition I've already worked out on a painting, and with a little color, and even a working title (cradle).

Of course, once I've resolved this stage of the drawing it will be worked over with erasers and sandpaper, and the resulting history interpreted and worked from. It's content/meaning (for me) could change drastically over the several workings, and it will become much more like the finished (almost finished?) drawings it sits next to in my studio:

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